Terms and conditions

These General Conditions govern the terms and conditions under which Vertical Italia SRL (“ Vertical ”) will supply the user with consumer products and related accessories (hereinafter individually the “ Product ” and jointly the “ Products ”) for sale on- line on the website www.verticalgolf.it (hereinafter the "Site").
These General Conditions apply exclusively to the Products sold by Vertical through the Website.

Please read and understand these General Conditions carefully before placing a purchase order for any Product on the Site. Whenever the user intends to place a purchase order, he must declare that he has read, understood and accepted the content of these Conditions generals. If the user does not accept these General Conditions, he will not be able to place purchase orders for any Product for sale on the Site. The user is requested to print and keep a copy of this document for future consultation.

    Vertical Italia SRL., with registered office in Cuneo, via XXVIII Aprile n. 19, registered in the Cuneo Company Register no. 1234567890, Fiscal Code, VAT number no. 03520320049, subject to the commercial activity of selling products.

All communications from users must be sent to Vertical Italia SRL 25038 Rovato (BS), via Padania n. 25. Alternatively, users can contact the toll-free number on 800 800 296 at the time indicated on the website.

    Vertical will not accept purchase orders placed outside the Italian national territory, nor will purchase orders requiring the shipment of the Products outside the Italian national territory be accepted.
    By placing a purchase order on the Site, the user declares that:
    (a) be over the age of 18;
    (b) be resident within the Italian national territory;
    (c) access the Site from the Italian national territory;
    (d) be a natural person acting for non-professional purposes and purchasing the Product as a consumer (hereinafter the " User ").
    4.1. The purchase order expresses the User's will to purchase the Product/s indicated in the relative order. The purchase order will be considered issued upon completion of the online purchase procedure, in the appropriate section within the Site. After entering the purchase order, the User will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the order in which the Order Identification Number and the details of the Product/s ordered will be indicated (hereinafter the "Order Summary "). Please consider that the Order Summary represents only a communication by Vertical of having received the purchase order entered by the User and, therefore, the purchase order will not be deemed accepted by Vertical yet . In fact, all purchase orders for a Product will be subject to a specific acceptance by Vertical and will be considered accepted (and the online purchase contract for the Product will be considered concluded) when the User receives a confirmation e-mail of successful shipment of the Product (hereinafter " Shipment Confirmation ").

4.2. Vertical reserves the right to refuse an order:
(a) when the Product and/or Service is unavailable;
(b) when Vertical does not receive authorization to charge the cost of the Product and/or Service to the User;
(c) if the User does not meet the eligibility criteria set out in article 3 above;
(d) when at the time of purchase a clearly incorrect and recognizable price is indicated (prices that are too high or too low compared to the market average and without indication of promotional claims ).

4.3. Upon receipt of the Shipping Confirmation by the User, the online purchase contract for the Product will be considered concluded and fully binding for the User and Vertical (except in the case of a material and recognizable error in the price pursuant to art. 4.2). In this case Vertical reserves the right to cancel the order and cancel the shipment. The User will be contacted by Customer Service to be informed and will receive a refund for the transaction made.