Ecco Scarpa Uomo Golf Core Hydromax

Here is the Men's Golf Core Hydromax shoe

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The Hydromax shoe by Ecco golf designed for demanding golfers: thanks to the FLUIDFORM technology by Ecco it offers high performance. These shoes have been designed to last, so you can be sure that these amazing golf shoes will last you hours of play without the risk of damaging them.

FLUIDFORM technology

This lightweight sole component, inserted according to the direct injection process, creates 3 levels of stiffness, balances cushioning and rebound between the upper and the sole for the best performance during a round of golf.

HYDROMAX treatment by Ecco, designed to guarantee dryness on rainy days; these shoes are also breathable and highly weather resistant. The high-quality leather gives extraordinary breathability which allows you to stay comfortable for longer.

Award-winning E-DTS technology improves durability and flexibility both on and off the pitch: this traction system covers all rotation angles to ensure excellent grip and larger studs in high-abrasion areas ensure stability in all conditions of game.

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